Registration / Abstract Submittal

Registration and abstract deadlines have passed! See below for more information. Financial support request submissions are still OPEN!

Registration: 25 September 2022 (no on-site registration)
Participant Financial Support Application3 Oct 2022, or earlier if funding runs out
U.S. Lodging11 September 2022 (via link on travel page)

Abstracts: 14 Sep 2022 (abstracts are welcome after this date, but not guaranteed a time slot)

Please view the Meeting Code of Conduct that applies to both in-person and online attendance.


Registration: The registration deadline has now passed! There will be no on-site registration due to security protocols at JHU/APL. If you have a pressing need, please contact the organizers.


Deadline is 25 Sep 2022 whether in-person or online – due to security requirements at JHU/APL, all registration (including for online-only attendance) must be completed by this date. There will be no on-site registration. For in-person attendance, note that JHU/APL COVID policies apply – these policies evolve in response to current conditions so be sure to check that webpage in the days before your arrival.

Note that the hotel reservation deadline is earlier – 11 Sep 2022 – and the hotel must be booked through the link on the travel page.


Abstracts: Complete the submission form here.

Deadline is 14 Sep 2022 (extended). All relevant abstracts will be accepted. Abstracts are also welcome after this deadline but are not guaranteed a timeslot and may be assigned as posters. Abstract acceptance notifications will be sent no later than 21 Sep 2022.

Abstracts may be for an oral presentation or for a poster, and must specify one or more of the topic areas when submitting. Contributed oral presentations are expected to be 15–20 minutes, TBD based on the number of submissions and available time. Oral requests may be assigned as posters depending on subject matter, relevance, and time allocations for individual sessions. All sessions, including oral presentations, will be recorded live via Zoom for archiving on the website. Poster sessions will include both in-person and online-only options. Posters must be uploaded as PDF for archival on the website, even for in-person posters. In-person posters may remain up throughout the week.

Note: all presentation materials must be open to be shared in the public domain. No ITAR- or export-controlled material can be shared.


Application for Financial Support Workshop Participation: Complete the application form here.

We recognize that full participation in the workshop, whether in person or virtual, often requires compromises with family and/or financial obligations, and that this is a difficult and complicated time for many people. We have reserved some funds from our sponsoring NSF grant (1712718) to help participants accommodate their needs for travel, personal needs, and/or dependent care, so that they may more fully participate in the workshop. These can be used to, for example (but not limited to), providing travel for yourself, or for dependents or additional caregivers; arranging for caregiving help at home; bringing in outside caregivers; or any other arrangements that can help a participant engage more fully with the workshop.

Applications are welcome regardless of in-person or online attendance. 

To accommodate rapidly-changing schedules and circumstances, applications are welcome until the beginning of the workshop, 3 Oct 2022, or until funding runs out, whichever is earlier. A limited number of awards are available. Decisions will be made as soon as possible as individual applications are submitted. Applications are welcome from any attendee and awards will be flat monetary amount, not a reimbursement of costs. The expected award amount is on the order of $500 and will generally be in the form of an honorarium payment made after the workshop, from the NSF grant PI institution, The Catholic University of America. If funds are needed prior to the workshop, other arrangements may be possible.